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We make it easy for pilots or fleet owners to donate anything that flies from drones to helicopters.  If you are tired of hangar fees and want to skip the hassle of dealing with buyers consider an aircraft donation today!

Welcome to Donate Airplanes USA !

We are passionate about making the process easy.  We provide first-rate customer service and flexibility to handle your donation with your personal needs in mind.  We take the time to listen and to communicate effectively through the entire process.  We are here for you!

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Federal Tax Deductions

Your donation to our 501(c)3 organization will get you the best tax deduction. We have specialized for many years in aircraft donations.

Completely Free

No money out of your pocket, ever.

Spread Love and Joy

Property donations are an excellent method of helping those who need it most and allowing them to live a happier life. Click here to see some of the organizations we help.

Meet Philanthropic Goals

Reaching your individual or corporate giving goals has never been easier.

Quick and Simple

Our inhouse legal staff will handle everything.

Solve a Headache Quickly

Unwanted aircrafts can be a harmful and stressful hit to your bottom line. Let us provide a fast solution to this pain.

Donate Airplanes USA accepts aircraft anywhere within the United States

If your aircraft is not in running condition, we will still accept your donation and make all of the arrangements to pick up your airplane, light sport aircraft, helicopter, executive jet or other aircraft type absolutely free. We also strive to help you receive a fair market value tax deduction for your generous donation.

Call our toll free number to learn more 1-800-631-5458

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